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Accelerate Your Idea

Our Offerings

Business + Marketing Advice

Partnering with the strongest mentor network in the Lake Norman area ensuring access to experts in all areas of business and throughout the stages of your start up.

Credits For Legal Services

Receive credits for Legal Services from our preferred legal vendor to address the following:

Confidentiality Agreement

Is Your Idea Patentable?

Is Your Idea Better Monetized As A Trade Secret?

Branding, Trademarks + Your Position In The Market

Company Formation + Operating Agreements

Legal Rights + Protection For Your Business


Our team of engineers are here to help entrepreneurs build their concepts and ideas into an actual product for testing and beyond.

Securing Financing

We have an established fund in place to subsidize approved projects and entrepreneurs.

Image by Levi Midnight

Ready For Your Green Light?

We want to hear from you.


Start the process here to see if you are a good fit for our program.

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